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November 14th, 2017
CRS by MAXON Technologies is featured in this month's Coatings Pro magazine. In the featured article, learn how CRS and C2M were used to help preserve the Queen Mary and help to renovate an Long Beach icon.

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September 21st, 2017
Further testing and examination on the capabilities of CRS is ongoing in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Cal Poly San Louis Obispo. Recently their longer term tests have returned some exciting results. In a 5 day test, CRS was able to penetrate 230 microns into the surface of the steel sample.

"A steel sample with Mn and Si alloying elements was coated in CRS and allowed to sit in an open environment at room temperature for five days. Then the sample was prepared for SEM metallography according to ASTM E3-11 without a mount. An SEM image was produced at 60X magnification in a vacuum chamber with an accelerating voltage of 20.0 keV and spot size of 4.0."

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August 14th 2017
Kirkland, WASHINGTON. CRS by MAXON Technologies recently was used by SRM Development LLC to help provide anti-corrosion benefits to Google's campus in Kirkland Washington. SRM Development, the owner and property manager, needed a product to protect their 400,000 square feet office campus.

"The product has proven itself in each and every application at the Google Campus and we will bepleased to have this product as a valuable tool for our other properties," said SRM Principal, James Rivard.

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dramatic new paint penetration results!

July 14th 2017
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has confirmed dramatic paint penetration results from their independent study of CRS capabilities. Performance of CRS blew away all expectations by achieving a 45 micron penetration, and after 7 days, CRS penetrated the full thickness of the test substrate! See our results HERE

Find Out How Much You can save with CRS

July 12th 2017
CRS by MAXON Technologies saves you time and money, especially in labor costs and prep work. We have added an easy savings calculator to give you an idea of how much you can save with CRS. Try it out HERE

Non-Conductive Solution Tested

June 26th 2017
Standard CRS enhances the conductivity of the metal it protects. However, CRS can also be combined with a top coat of C2M to provide insulating properties as well. Our conductivity inhibiting properties have been tested and confirmed by Halco testing. Read more HERE

CRS Protects the Queen Mary

May 19th 2017
The Queen Mary, like all ships, must continually battle a familiar enemy: Rust! After 50 years docked under beautiful, sunny Long Beach skies, the ship has been infiltrated by rust. CRS has come to the rescue of this beloved Southern California institution. Read more HERE