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dramatic new paint penetration results!

July 14th 2017
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has confirmed dramatic paint penetration results from their independent study of Maxon CRS capabilities. Performance of Maxon CRS blew away all expectations by achieving a 45 micron penetration, and after 7 days, CRS penetrated the full thickness of the test substrate! See our results HERE

Find Out How Much You can save with CRS

July 12th 2017
Maxon CRS has not only changed the war on corrosion forever, but also saves you time and money, especially in labor costs and prep work. We have added an easy to use savings calculator to give you an idea of how much you can save with Maxon solutions. Try it out HERE

Non-Conductive Solution Tested

June 26th 2017
Standard Maxon CRS enhances the conductivity of the metal it protects. However, Maxon CRS can also be combined with a top coat of Maxon C2M to provide insulating properties as well. Our conductivity inhibiting properties have been tested and confirmed by Halco testing. Read more HERE

Maxon CRS Protects the Queen Mary

May 19th 2017
The Queen Mary, like all ships, must continually battle a familiar enemy: Rust! After 50 years docked under beautiful, sunny Long Beach skies, the ship has been infiltrated by rust. Maxon CRS has come to the rescue of this beloved Southern California institution. Read more HERE

Maxon Corrosion Solutions

Combating corrosion has changed forever

Imagine using the molecular structure of rust and the base material itself as the chemical catalyst to create a powerful, never-before-seen, polymerization and ionic bonding process which creates a new anti-corrosion, renewable, boundary layer that will arrest the development of rust.

Non-conductive, corrosive resistant

Maxon 525 is a premium quality 100% solids epoxy coating designed for exacting duty in tough corrosive/erosive conditions. Its primary design application is to resist Sulfuric Acid from 75 to 98%. It is also a non-conductive medium, which makes it ideal for application in mines or locations where electric current issues are prevalent.

Superior Technology Cement-to-Metal Bond

Maxon C2M offers unique performance characteristics, previously thought impossible: Cement Bonding to Metal. C2M is 25% cement yet bonds aggressively with nearly all metal surfaces. Adhesion characteristics are maintained even on surfaces that are highly corroded with rust.

abrasion resistance above or below water

Maxon 767 is based on a unique blend of liquid epoxy polymer and aliphatic polyamine curing agents, which is able to displace water from wet surfaces in order to make a permanent bond. Kevlar®* microfibers are incorporated for reinforcement and viscosity management to achieve high application rates-even underwater.

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