What is CRS by MAXON Technologies?

  • CRS is an ANTI-CORROSION PENETRATING MATERIAL that stops existing corrosion and prevents future corrosion.
  • CRS contains OXYGEN SCAVENGING PROPERTIES, which prevents corrosion from recurring.
  • CRS is more than just a coating, it PENETRATES THE SURFACE of metal substrates up to 610 microns.


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MAXON Corrosion Solutions


Combating corrosion has changed forever

CRS is an anti-corrosion penetrating material that stops existing corrosion and prevents future corrosion. CRS contains oxygen scavenging properties, which prevents corrosion from occurring and/or recurring. CRS is more than just a coating, it is a treatment that penetrates metal substrates up to 610 microns.
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Superior Technology Cement-to-Metal Bond

C2M by MAXON Technologies offers performance characteristics previously thought impossible: Cement Bonding to Metal. C2M is 25% cement yet bonds aggressively with nearly all metal surfaces. Adhesion occurs even on surfaces that are highly corroded with rust.
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Non-conductive, corrosive resistant

525 by MAXON Technologies is a premium quality 100% solids epoxy designed for exacting duty in tough corrosive/erosive conditions. Its primary application is to resist Sulfuric Acid from 75 to 98%. It is also a non-conductive medium, ideal for application in mines or locations where electric current issues are prevalent.


abrasion resistance above or below water

767 by MAXON Technologies is based on a unique blend of liquid epoxy polymer and aliphatic polyamine curing agents, which is able to displace water from wet surfaces in order to make a permanent bond. Kevlar® microfibers are incorporated for reinforcement and viscosity management to achieve high application rates-even underwater.

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75%-85% typical labor cost savings and more