What is CRS by MAXON Technologies?

  • CRS is an ANTI-CORROSION PRIMER that has the unique ability to penetrate rust, paint, and epoxies.
  • CRS contains OXYGEN BLOCKING PROPERTIES, which enable it to virtually stop corrosion.
  • CRS provides EXTREME SAVINGS by reducing preparation costs and requirements.

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75%-85% typical cost savings in labor, prep, and more
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MAXON Corrosion Solutions


Combating corrosion has changed forever

CRS is a corrosion-abating primer that has the unique ability to penetrate tightly adhered intact rust, dramatically reducing prep time and costs. CRS contains oxygen blocking properties, which greatly abates corrosion. CRS is more than just a primer, it provides time savings while prolonging the life of your topcoat.
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Superior Technology Cement-to-Metal Bond

C2M by MAXON Technologies is a direct-to-metal, dual-component, surface applied universal substrate that protects a wide variety of ferrous materials, including hard rust metal surfaces. C2M is cement-based and can be used as part of a comprehensive anti-corrosion system.
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75%-85% typical prep cost savings and more